Just Pet Domestic Animals is a shop born from the passion for the animals and dedicated to the people who have the same feeling. In our interior you can find everything you need for the well-being and the health of your pets and you can also get a vet advice, specialized in solving every kind of problem and in studying the correct feeding of any species of pet.
There’s a complete department dedicated to the feeding of cats and dogs, reptiles and amphibious, birds and fish, with a rich assortment of the best brands and a waste choice of cosmetics and detergents for the hygiene and the beauty of your pets.

As it concerns the sale of pets in Naples, at Just Pet Domestic Animals you can find pets of different species like Russian hamsters, little reptiles, iguanas, terrapins, tortoises, freshwater and saltwater fish, with the possibility of preparing a complete accessorized aquarium or terrarium. We offer a professional service of lavatory and shearing for every breed of dog, in a comfortable and perfectly hygienic location, using only high quality detergents and products.

Our shop has worked in the field of the sale of pets in Naples for several years and can satisfy, on demand, all the wishes about puppies or kittens, that we select in Italian breeding, according to the lows and we sell them only when they are 60 days old and after they have been vaccinated for the first time, following the law indications.

Our aim is to offer people who have got a pet or people who would like to have one, a complete service, from the medical assistance, to the feeding, to an assortment of accessories of any kind, in order to guarantee your animals the well-being and the comfort, besides the serenity of the family life.