Feeding for rodents
in Naples


Who doesn’t like little rabbits or squirrels? Cheerful, playful and soft hamsters and guinea pigs? By now a lot of people have chosen a little tender and soft little rabbit as a pet, to hold with themselves. If you have a little rabbit, a hamster or any other species of rodent and you want to know all the necessary rules to guarantee them an equilibrated and correct feeding, come to our shop and discover the assortment at your disposal of food and feeding for rodents in Naples. Our shop, born from the passion for animals and today with a great competence in the field, disposes in its interior, of a wide and complete department dedicated to the feeding for the domestic animals, with the possibility to choose among more than 120 brands, famous for their quality and with the guarantee that only first choice ingredients are chosen. The feeding for the domestic animals is important and mustn’t be composed by the same ingredients that appear on the human table. Each animal has its particular physiology and needs specific feeding, in addition to different nutritional elements for each species. If you don’t know what the alimentary habits of your pets are, come and see our shop: it also gives you the opportunity to get a vet’s advice in order to find the right alimentary products and to know the needs of all the animal species. At Just Pet Domestic Animals, in addition to a wide choice of feeding for rodents in Naples, you can buy our beautiful Russian hamsters or ask for a different species, according to your preferences. Our shop has a rich assortment of accessories, cages , toys, cushions, carriers and everything you need to take care of your little friend.