Feed for dogs and cats in Naples

High quality foodstuffs for dogs and cats of any age and breed

Just Pet Domestic Animals is the specialized shop in the pet feeding, with a rich and varied range of foodstuff and feed for dogs and cats in Naples, that can satisfy any need and request, included the ones of the most demanding animals. In our department, entirely dedicated to the pets feeding and nourishment, you can find a wide choice of products of the best brands and high quality feed for dogs and cats in Naples, stew, croquettes, crispy, biscuits and snacks, and lots of tasty and good specialities to make your friends happy. It’s very important for the domestic animals to follow the correct diet, in order to avoid illnesses and problems linked to the too rich or on the contrary too poor feeding, problems that can easily happen when the pet is nourished with the same food that we have on our table. A habit, that over the years, can cause the onset of problems and illnesses due to the intake of substances that are unappropriated for the dogs and cats health and digestive system. For this reason, we propose a wide and complete choice of feeding dedicated to our little domestic animals, with the possibility to buy specific products for animals that have to follow a particular diet too, because of their diabetes, intolerances, alimentary allergies, digestive problems or other hitches. To be sure to offer an equilibrated and correct feeding to your animals, we offer you the possibility to have a vet advice, that will follow you in the right choice, according to the specific needs.