Birdseeds in Naples

Specific feeding for birds in cages or parrots of any species

Have you got a little bird, a parrot, a tropical or rare bird and you don’t know exactly what its alimentary diet is? Or do you simply look for birdseeds for a canary or a colored goldfinch? Come to Just Pet Domestic Animals, the shop that has a complete department dedicated to the feeding for domestic animals, where you can easily find every kind of birdseeds in Naples, for birds in cages or of any breed and with the guarantee of quality, offered by the best brands in the field. Our dedicated to animal shop, born first of all from a big passion, disposes of a department reserved to the alimentary products with a selection of more than 120 brands of the field, being sure that you will find only first quality products. To give all the people the possibility to feed their pets with equilibrium, we also put at their disposal our vet’s advice, that is mostly useful in particular cases: animals with tropical or desert origins that need specific nutritional products, or intolerant pets, in case of diabetes or digestive problems, that need a personalized diet. As it concerns the birdseed in Naples proposed by Just Pet Domestic Animals, the variety is so wide to satisfy any kind of need, both for little birds in cages, canaries, parrots, goldfinches, nightingales or similar or for birds that come from other places with different habits like Indian blackbirds, birds of prey or other breeds with different feeding needs. In our shop you can always find small birds for cages or parrots to buy at the moment, as well as different species: we will do our best to satisfy quickly your request.