Just Pet Animali Domestici a naples


Just Pet Domestic Animals Naples is a family business shop, entirely dedicated to the pets health and feeding, with a wide and complete assortment of alimentary products of the most famous and reliable brands (Felix, Friskies, Whiskas, Manitoba are some of the 120 brands of alimentary products that you can find in our shop) in order to guarantee our little friends, the total well-being and a correct and equilibrated feeding, according to the different needs of any species. In our shop there is often a vet to give you advice of any kind , both for healthy problems or for the suggestions for the treatment and the feeding of the most widespread pet species. The food department has also specific products for pets with intolerances, allergies, digestive problems, diabetes or other illnesses that need a particular diet.

To help the relationship life within the family and to build a perfect relation with the master, we propose a series of cheerful and amusing toys, mostly for dogs, and a rich choice of accessories for all the breeds: litters and carriers for cats, all kind of cages for birds and parrots, terrarium for reptiles and snakes, wonderful aquarium of all the dimensions, in addition to comfortable and inviting doghouses, cushions and blankets, leashes, collars and pets coats, feeding troughs for rabbits and rodents. We also offer the complete lavatory and shearing for dogs of any breed or size, with the guarantee of professionality and expertise, in a location that has been built to offer the highest comfort, in addition to a department dedicated to the cosmetics for animals, shampoo, detergents, pesticides and hygienic products.

In the shop you can always find little animals like birds, parrots, fish for the aquarium, hamsters and some species of reptiles, and, on request, we can furnish of certificated Italian origin and already vaccinated puppies and kittens, that are older than 60 days, following the law indications. Just Pet Domestic Animals in Naples is a shop born from the great passion for the animal world, it has the aim to guarantee a comfortable and quite life to the pets, offering a series of products and services, in order to promote their well-being and their harmony with the familiar environment where they live, knowing well that receiving a little guest at home means bringing good humour, cheerfulness and serenity, and being sure of a disinterested and deep friendship, like only animals can offer.